August 24, 2015

The Process of Die Casting Aluminum Products

In manufacturing, die-casting is the process of taking molten metal and injecting it into a steel die-casting mold under pressure to create parts. The die is then cooled in the water and after it has had a chance to properly set, the metal is removed from the die. This produces durable parts that are inexpensive to manufacture.

How Die Casting Improves Aluminum Products

This high pressure manufacturing process is used in 50% of the aluminum alloys that are produced. Because of the fragile nature of aluminum, other metals are typically blended with it. This improves the strength and the durability of the parts that are crafted with it. Some of the most common metals are zinc and magnesium, while copper may also be used in some applications.

The mixture of metals are then melted to just above their melting point before they are shot into the dies to create the custom aluminum casting products manufacturer Getec Industrial creates. They are then quickly cooled to produce the durable parts that are used in machinery around the world.

These parts are typically very lightweight and durable. Their improved strength allows them to work exceptionally in the machines they are installed in. With a resistance to corrosion, these parts are also a great choice in areas where this is a concern, such as the automobile industry and manufacturing plants.

Getec is the Premier Choice for Custom Aluminum Die Casting Companies

Getec Industrial is the premiere choice for custom aluminum die casting companies. Die-casting is a delicate process that takes precision and quality assurance testing. After all, these parts are being used in applications where the wellbeing of others is put at risk and you want to use a company who puts the concerns of their customers first.

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