August 24, 2015

The Role of Aluminum Extrusion in Greener Aluminum Production

The aluminum extrusion process has always been a green process that has high sustainability. New changes in technology are working to improve the process even more through higher yield and lower costs.

Aluminum extrusion uses a process in which a billet, a solid cylindrical metal form, is heated then pressed into a die to form a product from a pre-fabricated design.

Aluminum Extrusion Goes Green

Current aluminum extrusion provides attractive green characteristics including:

• A lower weight product with higher strength per weight
• Versatility in use due to noncorrosive, nontoxic and heated malleability properties.
• Unlimited recycling ability, without any detriment to the product.
• Lower energy use for the recycling of product. (It takes 5% to 10% of energy to recycle aluminum as it does to obtain it from its bauxite ore.)
• Cost effective transport due to lower weight.
• Less scrap and waste left behind at the end of extrusion.
• Materials left behind can be recycled in the future use of making billets.

Streamlining the Recycling Process with Extrusions

Through research and improvements, scientists are working to streamline the recycling process by using extrusion instead of traditional melting methods for recycling aluminum.

Melting methods have higher energy costs due to high-temperature heating and lower yields of recycled metal. Scientists are working with a solid state recycling extrusion process, which uses less energy and yields higher amounts of recycled metal.

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