May 24, 2016

The Role of Dies in Aluminum Extrusion

Able to be formed into an unlimited amount of shapes and sizes, extrusion dies have many uses. Extrusion dies are made to form fit cross sections of finished extruded products so every inch of the aluminum serves a purpose.

When grouping dies, the majority falls within solid or hollow dies with an assortment featuring a mix between the two technologies.

Different Types of Dies in Aluminum Extrusion

When looking at the usefulness of a semi hollow die, it differentiates itself by being hollow and having better use as porthole, spider and bridge dies. Specific functions are mapped through the extrusions with several pros and cons for each.

Production requirements will ultimately decide the choices concerning manufacturing, profile, sizes and even design. And considering the low cost and ease of distribution for porthole and pancake dies, it has since become a popular fixation for CNC Machining.

What role Aluminum Extrusion Dies have in Production

Extrusion dies have a role in that their bearing length controls the flow of the metal. By using this method, a speed cap is put on the process so that all parts of the profile are in sync.

Aluminum extrusion tooling is considerably lower than die casting, vinyl extrusion and other technologies. Supplemental tools may be needed with the die depending on the specific extrusion operation, which will slightly raise costs.

Understanding the requirements necessary to work together will bring out the best of the quality, cost and performance of materials for any aluminum extrusion die company.