January 22, 2015

The Top Benefits of Working with Aluminum Extrusion Product Manufacturer Experienced in Turnkey Services

If you seek an aluminum extrusion die manufacturer capable of meeting your needs, Getec Industrial deserves your consideration. The extrusion fabrication process offers one of the most economical ways to make high quality, consistent aluminum components because designer engineers can specify their requirements and obtain measured results.

How Working with Manufacturers Who Are Also Suppliers Is Beneficial

Customers interested in cost effectiveness should work with an aluminum extrusion die manufacturer who is also a supplier. At Getec Industrial, we value our clients and understand their product needs. We became RoHS compliant years ago. We recently formed our outstanding Aluminum Billet Casting Division specifically in order to offer additional important services to assist our customers.

Experienced Manufacturers Who Offer Turnkey Extruded Aluminum Services

The aluminum parts extrusion manufacturing process today often involves an equipment environment utilizing high-tech operating units with many features that contribute to high volume fabrication. Getec Industrial provides a full line of turnkey extruded aluminum services and products. We can offer high-performance heat sinks and thermal management solutions services, as well as customization to accommodate many unique customer requirements. Our in-house custom tooling and die division features 16 wire CNC EDM machines. They interface with the latest CAD/CAM engineering software to furnish our customers with the highest standard of quality control/assurance and the fastest possible turnaround times.

Contact Aluminum Extrusion Die Manufacturer, Getec Industrial

The next time your business needs to design and produce extruded aluminum items, call Getec Industrial at 888-999-8499 to discuss your project. We will gladly meet your aluminum fabrication needs. Pleasing our customers remains a top priority for us. We provide experienced, reliable manufacturing services for our clients.