July 23, 2014

The Two Types of Turnkey Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturers (and which one benefits you the most)

There are two types of aluminum extrusion manufacturers. Those who order products for customers from a different company and those who complete the entire process from design to finished product. There are but a few heat sink manufacturers that are able to complete the entire process needed for heat sink manufacturing.

Heat sinks are a tool used for managing the temperature of electronics. The most used medium for manufacturing heat sinks is aluminum. Aluminum is economical, lightweight, and resists corrosion. Extrusion is a process to create heat sinks Getec Industrial uses to meet our customers’ needs.

All-In-One Turnkey Extruded Aluminum Manufacturers

Getec is an all-in-one aluminum extrusion design services company. We provide our customers quality service from idea to implementation. We are global turnkey aluminum extrusion manufacturers with years of experience. Our team consists of product design specialists, machine workers, engineers, marketing and management to insure our customers’ ideas become viable, working parts at an exceptional value.

Quality, Trained Staff at Our Aluminum Extrusion Design Services Company

Our staff controls every step from design to production. We understand the thermal management our customers require, and we deliver the finished product quicker than standard extruded aluminum shapes manufacturers who outsource production. There are no long wait times for our customers to receive a finished product. We understand that time is vital to our customers and we strive to have the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

Getec is committed to giving our customers the thermal control they require in the fastest time possible. We are also committed to the quality of our products. Our processes are RoHs compliant, ISO9001 certified giving complete customer confidence in the quality of the end product.

Contact Expert Turnkey Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturers for Quality Products and Services

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