November 8, 2021

Thermal Management Solutions for Today’s Communications Industry

Since its initial inception, the amount of network traffic experienced by the communications industry has grown significantly with each year that passes. This has led to the need for new designs and new architecture to face challenges regarding power density. The topic of communications thermal management is one of the most critical issues faced by the communications industry. As a leading provider of solutions for thermal management, our team here at Getec has some vital information to share related to this subject.

communications industry thermal management solutions

The Current Communications Equipment Challenges

There are many challenges that the communications industry faces regarding equipment. Power density is the most significant challenge on the system level. The network core of the next generation must be able to utilize increasingly high system throughputs that can keep pace with the growth of network traffic.

10 Thermal Management Challenges Faced By the Telecommunications Equipment Industry’s Next Generation

There are ten significant challenges that the telecommunications equipment industry faces in terms of thermal management. They include:

  1. Integrating energy efficiency in terms of thermal system design
  2. Improving the PCB thermal performance level
  3. Developing analysis tools that are advanced in nature for thermal modeling
  4. Developing interface materials that have a high level of thermal conductivity
  5. Developing precision temperature control for packaging (photonic/optical)
  6. Heat removal from high heat flux and high-density packages (Within the scope of a reduced volume at a low drop in system pressure)
  7. Management of hot spot thermal (packaging level)
  8. Heat spreading (From chip packages to cold plates or heat sinks)
  9. Thermal integration for low voltage, high-speed packages (with EMI)
  10. Management of integration acoustic noise

Getec Is Dedicated to Providing Solutions for Your Business’s Issues in the Thermal Management Area

Our team at Getec is dedicated to offering the industry’s leading solutions in the area of thermal management. Our goal is to help your business to solve its issues in this crucial area. To do so, we offer our extensive knowledge along with turnkey thermal solutions.

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