August 2, 2021

4 Tips for Selecting the Best Extruded Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum is a material that carries a lot of advantages when it comes to shape profiles and extrusions. It is essential to know how to choose the best aluminum profiles, and the following tips from our team here at Getec will help you out.

1. Alloy Performance Is Key

It is important to choose alloys based on their performance. There are a lot of different alloys that are currently available. The primary concern when choosing them is performance. A few of the most common alloys include 7075, often used for aircraft structural components due to its strength, and 3003, a great choice in the realm of heat transfer. 6063 and 6061 are also among the most popular alloys that are available.

Aluminum extrusion profile manufacturing

2. Aluminum Extrusion Design Problems Need to Be Minimized

It is also of crucial importance to minimize issues with extrusion design. Wall thickness is one of the significant considerations. Unequal wall thickness can cause the aluminum to end up flowing more quickly through more expansive areas.

3. Tolerances Are Key Within the Process of Aluminum Extrusion

Ensuring that tolerances are acceptable is another key part of selecting aluminum profiles. When you work with our team here at Getec, we can provide you with valuable insights into this topic.

4. Corner Radii Are Also Highly Important

Yet another key consideration when it comes to aluminum extrusions is the corner radii. Determining the corner radii is essential when it comes to getting the desired results you seek.

5. Operations After Extrusion Can Offer Design Options

Getec can customize aluminum profiles in the post extrusion process. We offer a list of post extrusion operations here at Getec that we offer to our customers. Some of these operations include painting, cutting to length, assembly, anodizing, and applying a powder coat.

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