July 25, 2016

The Top Benefits of Extruded Aluminum Products

If your company is in need of extruded aluminum products, consider getting them from us, an aluminum extrusion die services company. As part of the Earth’s crust, aluminum is a popular metal choice because it is readily available. To make extruded products, aluminum is gathered, heated and then pushed through a die of the proper shape under great force. The result is a product that offers all of the benefits of aluminum.

The Benefits of Aluminum in Products

One of aluminum’s primary benefits is that it is an extremely malleable metal. This makes it easy to shape and work with, reducing the cost of metal parts. Aluminum is also extremely light, weighing just one-third of copper. This makes aluminum an excellent choice for car parts and in other applications where speed and weight are a factor.

Aluminum is also:

• Corrosion resistant
• An excellent electrical conductor often used in wires and cables
• Very strong in spite of its light weight
• Cost effective

What to Expect from the Right Aluminum Extrusion Die Services Company

No matter what you need aluminum products for, it is essential that you choose the right aluminum extrusion die services company. Heated extrusions must be done at temperatures between 350 and 500 degrees Celsius while cold extrusions can usually be done at room temperature. Getting the temperature wrong, however, can compromise the strength and quality of the part.

The extrusion and finishing processes must both be right or the part could fail and create a dangerous situation if the part is used in a car, on a lift or in other applications where safety is a concern. Aluminum extrusion is used in many other places as well, including frames and heat sinks.