March 26, 2018

Types of Thermal Management Solutions: Heat Pipes

In this post, we continue our series on thermal management solutions, how they work, and their advantages and disadvantages. This month, we’re focusing on the thermal management solution used in heat pipe turnkey manufacturing: fluid phase change.


Fluid Phase Change – Recirculating Heat Pipes

Heat pipes are one of the most common choices for thermal management. Consisting of a container, a working fluid, and a wick, heat pipes transfer heat through an evaporator and a condenser in a closed-loop system. As a part generates heat, the liquid inside the nearby heat pipe boils and evaporates. The hot water vapor moves toward the cooler section of the heat pipe and away from the heat-generating part. As the heated water vapor moves toward cooler air, it begins to condense. The wick structure then uses capillary motion to transfer the liquid back to the evaporator.

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Heat pipe turnkey manufacturing generally offers greater thermal efficiency than passive or active heat sink manufacturing. Heat pipes are also a very reliable thermal management solution, as they have no moving parts that may break or require maintenance.

Types of Working Fluids

Several working fluids are used in aluminum heat pipe design and technology. The ideal fluid depends on the temperature range of the overall system, as the liquid must vaporize at the highest temperatures and condense at the lowest temperatures in the system. Common working fluids for custom heat pipe manufacturers are

  • • Helium: 2 to 4 K, or -456° to -452° F
  • • Ammonia: 213 to 373 K, or -76.27° to 212° F
  • • Methanol: 283 to 403 K, or 50° to 266° F
  • • Ethanol: 273 to 403 K, or 32° to 266° F
  • • Water: 298 to 573 K, or 77° to 572° F
  • • Mercury: 523 to 923 K, or 482° to 1202° F
  • • Sodium: 873 to 1473 K, or 1112° to 2192° F
  • • Indium: 2000 to 3000 K, or 3140° to 4940° F

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