June 5, 2018

Uses for Custom Aluminum Metal Stamping Services

Custom aluminum metal stamping services have a range of benefits for various industries. But custom metal stamping is most common in these four applications:

Construction and Building Components

There’s a good chance that you are reading this post in surrounded by aluminum stamped components due to their popularity in building and construction components manufacturing. Aluminum is a common material choice for buildings due to its corrosion and rust resistance and its high strength-to-weight ratio. Light fixtures, building frames, roofing components, brackets, and braces are commonly produced using aluminum metal stamping.

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Electronic Components

Custom metal stamping is a common method for producing electronic components such as connectors, fittings, enclosures, discs, and custom heat sinks. Custom metal stamping is beneficial for electronic components manufacturing due to its low cost and quick turnaround. However, more complex electronic components are better suited to production methods such as extruding or die casting aluminum.

Pharmaceutical and Food Packaging

Food packaging and pharmaceutical industries also use custom aluminum metal stamping services for their machinery. Aluminum is a particularly useful material choice for these industries because it is nontoxic and highly ductile, which allows for flexible packaging design. These properties combined with the low cost and high speed of production make aluminum metal stamping a popular choice.

Aerospace Components

Stamped aluminum components are widely used in aerospace industries to produce fasteners, bolts, screws, nuts, and other components. Stamped aluminum parts are especially beneficial for aerospace applications because they are lightweight, strong, and cost effective.

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