September 20, 2014

What a Custom Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer Can Provide for Thermal Management Solutions

Serving both the defense markets, Getec Industrial is a custom aluminum extrusion manufacturer providing advanced technological solutions while still providing maximum value. As a custom aluminum extrusion company, our extruded products include tubes, rods and bars as well as additional shaped components for airplanes, including wings, seat tracks, fuselages and other modules.

Meeting Ongoing Industry Demands as a Custom Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer

As a custom aluminum extrusion manufacturer industry leader, we have put together a broad portfolio of extrusion capabilities and drawn tubing know-how. Our unique designs and advanced alloy designations constantly meet the most stringent quality and ongoing industry demands.

Versatility of Aluminum

Aluminum extrusion profiles are widespread and continue to grow more popular as an increasing number of industries discover the benefits. Aluminum products weigh two-thirds less than steel, are versatile enough to be easily shaped into intricate designs and are 100 percent recyclable.

While aluminum is too reactive and soft to be of structural use in its pure form, aluminum alloys are structurally stronger and infinitely more useful in manufacturing durable components and products. While specific aluminum alloys are strong enough for most applications, it is critical to select the proper alloy for each application, shape, surface and treatment.

Solving Problems with a Wide Range of Products

At Getec Industrial, we are a custom aluminum extrusion company and solve these problems by offering a wide range of extruded aluminum products for standard and custom applications. We offer a wide selection of tempers that meet an extensive array of applications, including bar and rod as well as structural and seamless tube and pipe products.

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