July 1, 2019

What Are Extruded Aluminum Power Supplies?

Aluminum is one of the lightest and one of the best conducting metals available in manufacturing. This is why it is a natural material choice for power supplies.

Aluminum extrusion design for power supplies

As everyone knows, power supplies generate a lot of heat. And in a consumer marketplace that prefers that home electronics be both lightweight and quiet, an extruded aluminum power supply might be the answer for effective heat dissipation in electronic devices.

Because these power supplies can be created by the aluminum extrusion process, the aluminum extrusion design can be tweaked to make it dissipate heat more efficiently. For example, extruding a power supply with channels, ridges or fins provides extra area to help radiate the excess heat away. A superior aluminum extrusion power supply design may eliminate the need to use a fan to help cool the electronic device which will make it a lot quieter.

Other Benefits of Extruded Aluminum Power Supplies

As computers and other electronic devices become more powerful and operate faster, engineers are constantly looking for ways to pull heat away from the more sensitive electronic components within these devices. An extruded aluminum power supply might be just one of the methods used to manage heat in some electronic devices.

Here are some of the other benefits of using extruded aluminum power supplies.

  • Strong – Aluminum extrusions are very strong, especially when you consider how light the material is.
  • Non-Magnetic – This is very important when there are magnetic-sensitive electronic components nearby.
  • Seamless – Since complex aluminum shapes can be extruded in one piece, they tend to be stronger than shapes that require multiple shapes to create a power supply.
  • Non-Combustible – Since power supplies deal with excess heat, and sometimes a considerable amount of heat, it is good to know that aluminum is non-combustible, even at extremely high temperatures.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Aluminum can be recycled again and again without degrading the overall quality of the aluminum.

Need an Extruded Aluminum Power Supply?

Because Getec has many years of experience providing heat management solutions for many different industries, we know how to deliver superior extruded aluminum power supply designs. The combination of our use of premium grade aluminum billet, and experienced, “hands-on” extruded aluminum design engineers helps us deliver the extruded aluminum shapes that meet your specific power supply needs. Give us a call at 888-999-8499, contact us online, call us at send us an email at sales@getecna.com to speak to an extruded aluminum power supply engineer today.