October 1, 2020

What Are Some of the Benefits of Working with a Turnkey Aluminum Manufacturing Company?

What is the difference between an aluminum manufacturing company and a TURNKEY aluminum manufacturing company? A turnkey aluminum manufacturing company handles every aspect of the manufacturing process, from the initial concept and design to shipping the completed product to a satisfied customer. Going turnkey also has a lot of other benefits such as:

Higher Overall Quality

At a turnkey aluminum manufacturing company all of the work happens in-house. No outsourcing work to contractors or sourcing materials outside of the turnkey manufacturer’s supply chain. This results in consistent and predictable performance overall, as well as better communication between divisions working on the project. If problems arise, they can be handled quickly and efficiently in-house, which saves a lot of time.

Turnkey aluminum manufacturing process in action

Reduced Project Lead Time

One of the biggest benefits of using a turnkey aluminum manufacturing company is the amount of time you save delivering the final product to the customer. Since the project never leaves the company walls, it doesn’t spend any time in transit going to and from a sub-contractor (or several sub-contractors). This can result in a significant amount of time saved which of course means that your project can be completed far faster than one that is outsourced.

Faster Adjustments to the Project

Aluminum manufacturing can be a bit of a trial and error endeavor. Some projects go smoothly and require no user intervention, but others need a little tweaking or testing to get the product just right. If you go with a company that outsources any of its manufacturing processes, the opportunity to fix errors and make improvements is closed as soon as you submit the plans for production. Because a turnkey manufacturing company has many sets of eyes from many different departments overseeing the production, issues are identified quickly and can be resolved in-house. No order cancellations or big retooling costs involved within a turnkey operation.

Saves Expense

Turnkey manufacturing may seem more expensive on the surface, but when you factor in the amount of time saved sending the product to and from subcontractors and discovering problems too late to avoid expensive rework you end up saving a lot of time which of course saves you a lot of money during the production process. Because turnkey manufacturing produces higher quality products, you have more happy customers, and more happy customers mean more sales.

Getec Industrial is a Turnkey Aluminum Manufacturing Specialist

At Getec Industrial, we specialize in turnkey aluminum manufacturing projects. We have considerable experience in the field and have the right staff to support most aluminum manufacturing needs. Want to learn more? Give us a call at 888-999-8499, contact us online, or send us an email at sales@getecna.com to speak to one of our turnkey aluminum manufacturing experts today.