November 1, 2020

What Are Some of the Types of Aluminum Extrusion Profiles?

An aluminum extrusion profile is just another name for a shape of an aluminum extrusion. And these shapes fall into several different categories.

Thickness & Void Space Types

Most aluminum shapes are very simple: square, triangular, single radius, and L-shaped profiles. To get enhanced shapes often requires extruding them at different thicknesses. The internal voids within creates void spaces to meet the needs of this particular product. Almost all complex extruded aluminum shapes are a variation of thickness and void space.

Shelves of complex extruded aluminum profiles

More complex shapes can be created by using higher quality premium aluminum billet.

Surface Types

The end surface type is another way that aluminum extrusion profiles are categorized. These profiles might be the result of small, scoring lines present as a byproduct of the extrusion process, or (more often) have surface treatments applied to the shapes after the extrusion process. These surface treatments might be face milling the extrusion to improve the surface finish, improving the shape of the profile, or buffing away the scoring generated by the process. These are especially important where precise positioning of extruded aluminum parts is essential in the end product.

Other surface treatments feature additives to improve corrosion resistance, increase hardness of, or even add electrical insulation to the aluminum profile.

Usage Types

Specific aluminum profiles are commonly used in applications such as building construction where structural-grade aluminum extrusions are used to reduce the weight of a particular project. Other specific usage types include those used for automated motion applications, frames, consumer electronics, automotive products, and LEED building projects.

Aluminum profiles are popular because they are strong, light, and easily manipulated into shapes that meet a particular need. Because of this popularity, new products will constantly be developed as new aluminum alloys and surface treatments are invented.

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