February 24, 2015

What Are The Benefits Of Aluminum Die Casting Services For Extruded Profiles

Getec Industrial specializes in all types of aluminum die casting services as an extruded profiles company. If you’re looking for a multifaceted hollow, a standard design or profiles for custom aluminum extrusion, Getec’s technicians are masters of the craft.

Quality Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

We’ll create profiles of impeccable quality and deliver it to your business without disrupting the operation. Our team has the capacity to produce aluminum extrusion using advanced machines and technology. We’re a focused and meticulous team of technicians. Our superior craftsmanship and industry experience are the pillars of our brand’s integrity. With our consultative attitude towards production, tailoring profiles to meet customer specifications is an effortless encounter.

Top Industries that Use Aluminum Extrusion & Die Casting Services

Today aluminum extrusion design has become a popular method adapted into almost every sector. The top-most popular industries using aluminum die casting services for extruded profiles are electronics, solar energy, and transportation. Professional entrepreneurs that specialize in electronics use extruded aluminum profiles to manufacture tools and gadgets based on magnetic sensitivity.

Aluminum extrusions are an integral component of solar-energy based technology. It’s been used in the proliferation and production of solar panels for many years. Extruded aluminum is resilient against harsh temperatures influenced by sudden changes in the climate. This explains the durability aspect of the mounting systems integrated into solar panels. Another bonus is that it’s customizable.

How Aluminum Leads the Industry as the Top Extrusion Metal

In the eyes of the automotive industry giants, no other metal beats the aluminum variation. Its high resistance to weather damage and advanced adaptability makes it the perfect material to boost automobile performance. Aluminum extrusions are durable and lightweight. With extruded aluminum, automakers can produce lighter, faster motor vehicles in hopes of improving the overall integrity and performance of the machine.

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