January 8, 2020

What is a Turnkey Aluminum Manufacturing Company?

There are two methods of aluminum manufacturing processes a company can deliver. The most common one is hiring an aluminum manufacturer to produce your products who then outsource that work to multiple factories with each one performing different steps in the process. They might help design the aluminum part with you, but may purchase aluminum from one factory, who then ship it to another factory to who takes the original company’s design and manufactures the part. They might even ship it to another company who supplies the newly manufactured parts to the customer. This is a complex process that has many different handoffs that may result in production delays, poor quality product, or use of substandard aluminum billet for the product.

Engineers at a Turnkey aluminum manufacturing company

Turnkey Aluminum Manufacturing

The second approach is known as “turnkey” aluminum manufacturing. The word “turnkey” is a popular business buzzword these days that encompasses the delivery of a product or service as a whole. From supplying the manufacturing source material–in this case aluminum billet–to the design, manufacture and distribution of the finished product. You simply “turn the key” and the product is sourced, designed, manufactured and delivered, all under one roof.

The Benefits of Turnkey Aluminum Manufacturing

Saves Time – It takes time to ship raw materials from one factory to another. Maybe even a lot of time if you are manufacturing your products overseas. This extra time means a delay from the conception and design of your product to delivering the finished result into your customers’ hands.

Improves Quality – Products using the turnkey manufacturing process are typically higher quality. Because the turnkey manufacturer is working closely with you, tweaks and corrections can be made to the design on the fly which result in less rework, better designs and higher quality products overall.

Saves Money – Outsourcing your manufacturing to multiple vendors creates extra overhead costs which will ultimately be a factor in the cost of production. And any changes to product design may result in expensive retooling costs or production of flawed products that cannot be sold to customers.

The Ability to Take Advantage of Rapid Prototyping – An aluminum extrusion design or product might look great on paper, but the product may not live up to expectations after it has been manufactured. Using a turnkey aluminum manufacturing company may provide the ability to create a quick turnaround prototype of your product. This product can be tested in a lab or the field to identify possible design flaws or performance issues before you commit to the full manufacturing process.

When it comes to manufacturing aluminum products, the choice is clear: turnkey aluminum manufacturing is the only way to go.

Getec Industries Provides Complete Turnkey Aluminum Manufacturing Services

From the supply of premium aluminum billet that we use for all of our aluminum manufacturing projects, to the design, production and distribution of your goods, Getec does it all. We even provide quick turnaround prototyping so you can make sure that your product is the best it can be before kicking it into full production. Contact us today at 888-999-8499, contact us online, or send us an email at sales@getecna.com to discover how we can make turnkey aluminum manufacturing work for you.