February 1, 2021

What is an Aluminum Extrusion Profile?

Before discussing what an aluminum extrusion profile is, you need to understand the aluminum extrusion process. First of all, the aluminum billet is heated in a furnace at a temperature between 750 and 925° until it becomes a pliable solid and is ready for the extrusion process. Then the heated aluminum is transferred into an extrusion press container. Next, a hydraulic press forces the gooey aluminum through a die in the cross-section of the final product’s desired shape. That shape is an aluminum profile.

Aluminum extrusion profiles ready for shipment

How Does an Aluminum Extrusion Profile Work?

Remember using a Play-Doh Fun Factory as a kid? You packed the Play-Doh into the compartment under the handle? You selected the shape you wanted the Play-Doh to be extruded as whether this was a circle, star, or other shapes, and pushed down on the handle. The Play-Doh was forced out of the plastic “die” in the shape that you selected. This is precisely how an extruded aluminum profile works. Except that the die is constructed of steel, and the Play-Doh is semi-molten aluminum.

Advantages of Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

Aluminum has characteristics that make it particularly good for extrusion. Aluminum has a melting point of about half that of steel. It is highly malleable, has a high strength to weight ratio, and inexpensive. After extrusion, the extruded aluminum profiles can be heat treated, machined, or have surface treatments such as corrosion resistance applied.

Aluminum Extrusion Shapes

Aluminum extrusion dies can produce simple or extremely complex shapes—or profiles. The complexity of which depends on the quality of the aluminum billet used in the extrusion process. Aluminum billet with a high degree of purity can produce more complex shapes than those using lower quality aluminum billet. There are three types of profiles:

  • Solid–The shape will not have any voids or openings so that the profile will be a solid rod, beam, or a simple L-shaped bracket.
  • Hollow– This shape has one or more voids that can create round or square tubes or any number of complex profiles.
  • Semi-Hollow– The shape also has voids; however, these voids are only partially enclosed, allowing the extrusion process to create complex solid shapes such as aluminum brackets with channels. Some of these dies might have completely hollow areas within the profile as well. These profiles create the most complex extruded aluminum shapes.

Getec Industrial, the Premier Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer

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