June 22, 2022

What is Thermal Management and How Does it Work?

What is Thermal Management Heat Sinks

With a reliance on high-powered systems and devices in today’s world, the need for effective thermal management continues to grow. These devices and systems generate heat that can reduce their performance and life expectancy if you do not address the issue. As the leading provider of thermal management solutions, our team at Getec is excited to tell you more about this critical topic.

What Does the Term Thermal Management Mean?

The term thermal management refers to controlling a system or device’s temperature. We use heat transfer technology based on thermodynamics to accomplish this goal.

 The increasing need for thermal management results from the significant number of technological advancements that have occurred in recent decades. Today’s high-powered devices create heat that you must manage to ensure that they can operate at peak capacity.

A Look at How Thermal Management Works

Three primary heat transfer models are essential to understand within thermal management. They include:

  • Convection– Convection refers to a method of heat/thermal energy dissipation through the flow of cooler air.
  • Conduction– The term conduction refers to physical contact to accomplish thermal/heat energy transfer.
  • Radiation– Radiation refers to a heat/thermal energy transfer process that involves electromagnetic waves. These generate through hot particle vibration.

Practical Solutions for Thermal Management

Fundamental heat transfer modes are at the heart of today’s thermal management technologies. These technologies include cold plates, thermal vapor chambers, and jet impingement mechanisms.

The Primary Cooling Methods

Conduction cooling is one of the primary heat transfer methods for thermal management in today’s industrial sector. It involves transferring heat from a hotter area of a device to a cooler area through direct contact. Advanced technologies for effective cooling include microchannels, cryogenics, and refrigerants. Many of today’s high-powered electronics use immersion cooling technology.

Learn More About Thermal Management Solutions for Electronic Equipment

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