September 20, 2014

What a Custom Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer Can Provide for Thermal Management Solutions

Serving both the defense markets, Getec Industrial is a custom aluminum extrusion manufacturer providing advanced technological solutions while still providing maximum value. As a custom aluminum extrusion company, our extruded ....

August 29, 2014

How Our Thermal Management Solutions Company Offers the Highest Quality in Heat Sinks

Our Expertise: Heat Sinks We are dedicated to being your thermal management solutions company and providing solutions that not only meet our customer’s needs, but exceeds them. (more…)

July 23, 2014

The Benefits of Thermal Management for LED Cooling with Aluminum Heatsinks Manufacturing

Generally speaking, aluminum is superior to other metals for extruded applications. Heat sink extrusions manufacturers know that aluminum has a high strength to weight ratio. Because of its high strength ....