March 7, 2022

Finding the Right Thermal Management Solutions for Your Application

Thermal Management Solutions for LED and Military

Today’s thermal management systems allow for the control of temperatures through technology. The technology used in these systems is based on heat transfer and the field of thermodynamics. The types of heat transfer involved with thermal management include radiation, conduction, and convection.

At Getec, we are a leader in thermal product solutions. We have a deep understanding of how vital effective thermal management is regarding efficiency and safety for a wide range of various industries and applications. Given this fact, we will now look further at this vital topic.

A Look at Heat Transfer

Temperature regulates mechanical and industrial processes through the use of heat transfer. The three primary functions include:

  • Radiation– Heat that travels by way of light that can be visible as well as non-visible
  • Conduction– Heat that travels through solid materials
  • Convection– When heat is transferred through denser, cooler materials sinking and less dense materials rising

LED Thermal Management

Thermal management needs to be efficient when using LED systems for lighting. Issues that can arise when it is not efficient can include:

  • A lowered lifespan
  • Lowered output in terms of light
  • Decreased reliability
  • Mechanical failure
  • Temperature rises can lead to LED lights becoming yellow
  • Thermal Management – Electronics
  • Effective thermal management for electronics includes challenges such as:
  • Increased challenges as smaller products become more in-demand
  • Harsh environments
  • Increasing consumer demands
  • Product cost reduction
  • Strict standards

Cooling Options

The cooling options for today’s UAV electronics include forced air systems as well as heat sinks. Our team at Getec is ready to speak with you today about providing you with effective solutions for today’s electronics.

The Military and Thermal Management

Solutions for thermal management in military applications have to withstand a wide range of temperatures, fog, vibrations, rust, and dust.

Find Out More About the Best Solutions for Thermal Management

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