December 6, 2021

Thermal Management Solutions for LED Lighting Systems

The most significant factor that accelerates the failure of LED lighting systems is high temperatures. Effective thermal energy dissipation at the device level is crucial for the effective design of LED lighting systems. Given this fact, effective solutions for thermal management are essential. Improper management is a significant problem for LED technology.

LED Thermal Management Solutions Lighting Systems

At Getec, we are a leading provider of solutions for thermal management for LED lighting systems. The following information goes further in-depth on the importance of this topic.

LED Thermal Management Solutions – Classifications

The primary categories for thermal management include:

  • Active solutions
  • Passive solutions
  • Interface-based solutions

Issues That Arise From Thermal Management That Are Inefficient

Some key issues can arise when thermal management is not efficient for LED lighting systems. These issues include:

  • Lower output of light
  • Mechanical failures
  • A decrease in lifespan
  • A decrease in reliability
  • Rising temperature can cause white LEDs to be yellow

Tips for Purchasing Solutions for the Thermal Management of LED Lighting Systems

  • Passive cooling solutions or noiseless options are best for indoor applications
  • The option that provides full moisture protection is ideal for outdoor applications
  • A cooling device must be able to withstand extensive levels of vibration
  • The design should be adaptable and flexible
  • Cooling solutions should operate efficiently at all times (including low power situations)
  • Choose cooling solutions that offer a high level of thermal conductivity and low/controlled thermal expansion coefficient

About Heat Sinks

Heat sinks refer to a highly thermally conductive device designed with a maximized surface area to effectively heat dissipation. This heat sink represents the system thermal path’s final and most influential aspect. The primary mode used to extract heat from the heat sink is convection. Given this fact, LED heat sinks are generally composed of aluminum, ceramics, copper, and highly thermally conductive materials.

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