May 2, 2022

What is a Thermal Management Solution?

The term thermal solutions refer to specialized packages to meet the thermal needs of products that are temperature sensitive. At Getec, we are the leading provider of thermal management solutions. Our team wants to provide you with some valuable information about this critical topic.

Thermal Management Solution Heat Sinks and Pipes

Heat Sinks

Heat sinks transfer heat efficiently by moving it from a high-temperature object to another object at a lower temperature. This second object has a greater capacity to withstand higher temperatures. When this rapid thermal energy transfer occurs, the first object is brought to a thermal equilibrium state with the second object. The result is a lowering in temperature of the first object in question. In this way, a heat sink works as a cooling device.

A Look at Thermal Resistance

Thermal resistance can be defined as resistance from the semiconductor’s junction to the case. The unit used to denote this is °C/W.

Investigating Thermal Conductance

Thermal conductance can be defined as the heat quantity that passes in a unit of time through an area and thicknesses plate while its opposite faces have a difference in temperature of 1 kelvin.

Heat Flux

Heat flux is also commonly known as thermal flux. It is the heat load for each unit of area.

The Heat Transfer Coefficient

This term refers to the heat quantity that passes in unit time through the unit area related to its thickness. This occurs when its opposite faces have a difference in temperature of 1 kelvin.

What Is a Heat Pipe?

A heat pipe is a device that transports heat by utilizing a working fluid’s (inside a tube) phase change characteristics.


The evaporator (sometimes known as the vaporizer) is an object’s heat input area.


A condenser (often referred to as a radiator) is the object’s heat output area.

The Performance of Heat Pipes

Output resistance, input resistance, and resistance that occurs along a heat pipe’s length are the three key resistances that must be understood to succeed in heat pipe design.

Take Advantage of Your Consultation with a Thermal Management Solutions Specialist

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