September 20, 2021

Why Choose Extruded Aluminum Profiles for Your Industry

Aluminum extrusion is one of the most popular methods for creating prototypes and testing designs. One benefit of this process is that it’s much more affordable than other materials so that you can test concepts quickly and inexpensively. Depending on the type of product you want to create, there are numerous ways to extrude aluminum and the benefits of each type.

Extruded aluminum profiles and benefits to extrusion

Aluminum extrusion design offers a range of benefits for businesses such as:

– Cost-effectiveness
– Warm material properties
– Good corrosion resistance and durability against weather

Aluminum has become the go-to material for industries in many ways. It is a versatile and malleable material that can mold into complex shapes and structures. When looking for a die, aluminum extrusion is the best option for cost-effectiveness, strength, and an ecologically friendly company.

The Aluminum Extrusion Process

The process of aluminum extrusion is a cost-effective, high-quality production method. The aluminum extrusion process is best to produce aluminum sheets and tubes of various shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. This process uses a series of operations in which molten aluminum is poured at high temperatures into a mold to produce the desired shape.

New products are designed all the time, but how do you know yours will work? To test a product, it is important to create a prototype. A prototype will help understand the validity of the product design and help achieve efficient testing procedures.

From the aviation industry to electronics, aluminum is the top material for creating a prototype. The use of aluminum in the aerospace industry has given it a huge opportunity to grow. Aluminum is a lightweight metal that is strong and affordable, making it ideal for producing prototypes.

The Key Benefits of Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum is a material that expert designers can work on to take on most shapes and textures. Aluminum has many uses in the industry due to its lightweight and high strength-to-weight ratio. Due to these qualities, it is used for more than just aesthetic purposes. This is why aluminum can be recycled and reused over time and take on different shapes from different designers.

Research and development costs have been growing recently, with companies scrambling to find different ways of testing their products. The low cost of aluminum is a benefit your company should not ignore. The ease of working with aluminum lowers costs as less expensive machining is needed.

Comparing the benefits of aluminum to steel shows how the alloy outperforms steel in most categories. Aluminum is stronger when its weight is compared to its strength and does not corrode easily. The exterior of aluminum is covered by a naturally occurring oxide film that protects it from corrosion.

Avoid the Problems of Other Extruded Aluminum Manufacturers

The climate is weighing heavily on the shoulders of executives at all companies. No matter what industry you are working in, you will want to limit the impact of your prototype on the environment. You can recycle aluminum to help offset your impact on the environment. If you are hoping to limit your carbon footprint, Getec fabricates its dies using aluminum at our offices. The majority of other fabricators order parts from across Europe and North America to add to your impact on the environment.

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